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We build sustainable brand strategies that stand the test of time in an ever-evolving digital marketplace



Ekte was founded upon the goal to bring both companies and creators the full spectrum of resources they need to succeed in current and future markets. Our mission with Ekte media is and always has been to bring creative visions to life in a way where businesses and creators are not only well positioned, but also highly profitable. Ekte stands for much more than just dollar signs and design, Ekte is a company that breaks barriers through creative innovation and authentic practices. We value organic growth and community over all else, because a strong brand is one with a powerful impact on its audience and the world around it.



Linda Hafstad
Chief Executive Officer

Linda is an expert brand development & marketing strategist, specialized in data-driven social media optimization. She has extensive experience working with a diverse portfolio of brands & influencers throughout her career. Her goal is to give clients every resource they need to succeed in today’s ever-evolving marketplace.

Boha Karimov
Chief Technology Officer

As Ekte’s chief technology officer, Boha is responsible for ensuring all digital projects are carried out with the highest performance standards in mind. His goal is to position every client for success in the digital atmosphere. Boha’s expertise lies in UI/UX design as well as digital optimization and strategic web development.

Danielle Rodgers
Creative Director

Danielle is an exceptionally talented digital artist who thrives on crafting online presences that inspire. Her extensive portfolio consists of brand identity, web design, and high-performance social media content. Her expertise lies in data-driven design and UI/UX design. Danielle's unwavering dedication is to transform each client's vision into vivid reality.

Amy Wardinski
Growth Director

Amy is a skilled leader who guides client relationships, strategies, and management. She fosters growth and change in individuals, teams, and companies. Diversity and inclusion stand at the forefront of her values. Amy has a successful history of developing talent and leading global teams in resolving complex challenges while fostering digital innovation and simplicity.

Mattia De Carlo
Client Relations Director

Mattia enters every discussion with a unique perspective that ensures his clients are always heard and understood. He excels in helping businesses and creators thrive by developing tailored solutions that meet each and every one of their needs. His commitment to exceptional customer service, coupled with extensive industry knowledge, ensures client satisfaction and success in today’s competitive market.

Competing in today’s digital market is tough, but the right team can get you to where you want to be.

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We build sustainable brand strategies that stand the test of
time in an ever-evolving digital marketplace